See the world by boat !

Of course, depending on where you live and what layer of the economic strata you land in, you’ll probably be picturing something different than the person next to you. Some of us think of the humble fisherman bracing against a storm at sea. Others might be taken back to memories of their parents ditching the 9-to-5 and sailing them around the world. Others still may be thinking about the studio yacht party at last year’s Cannes.

Boston whaler fishing boat

Perhaps it’s best to start out with a little sport and utility before we get into the big hauls. A solid, well-equipped fishing boat rental is the first step in anyone’s sea-adventuring life. You go out, find some fish, fish those fish, and bring home dinner all with the added benefit of knowing exactly what that dinner is. It can be a solo journey or a family affair. Either way a fishing boat is where most of us will start our water journeys.

Van dam classic runabout

A classic runabout or tender can get you from Point A to Point B in sleek style. Or they can help you get away from the Holy Grail henchmen along the canals of Venice. It’s a throwback to the days when people summered on bays and lakes and needed a water-savvy form of transportation to skim speedily across the water. Although these boats aren’t equipped to land a marlin or pull crab pots, they’re going to get you around while looking fly.

Polynesian voyaging canoe

Long before Columbus sailed the ocean blue, Polynesians were bobbin g around the Pacific on massive outrigger canoes. These canoes got the Polynesians from deep in the South Pacific all the way to the North American coast with nothing more than a couple hauls, sails, and the starry night to guide them. Although this may be a more advanced form of sailing outrigger canoes take some serious skills, it’d still be a blast retracing the steps of ancient Hawaiians or Polynesians across the Pacific or around the world in your very own voyaging canoe. After all, an entire culture of people spent millennia perfecting their boats to do exactly that.

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