Seeing Ibiza and the islands of Balearic by boat

You can have a beautiful private beach in 5-hours cruise, stopping at Cala Conta and Cala Bassa, two islands ideal for divers.

Enjoy the beauty of Ibiza islands

You can hire with a long swimming base in a secluded bay with free surfboards to paddle and diving equipment snorkeling and enjoy complimentary fruit, snacks and a welcome drink on board. Start your cruise from the port of San Antonio before heading to the stunning beauty of the beautiful coast of Ibiza. Paddle around the open water, with casual area in the hot Ibiza sunshine and admire the beautiful marine life. Take a look at Es Vedra and go around Conejera, an island off the coast overlooking the seascape. White Island, and explore a side of Ibiza that you may have never seen before will bring so much fun to you. This weekend from 45 euros per person is a great price for it.

Beautiful coastline of beautiful beaches

The north of the island has retained its bohemian atmosphere, where the boat rental ibiza was first known, while the south is full of clubs, bars and legendary restaurants. Ibiza is a festive and perfect place to escape the city and party all night. You can always stop on an island and do some laps in the art gallery to bring back some memories and deepen our history class. It is actually a red earth over the Bay of Cala Xarracan, a marvelous investigated in the heart of the green forest. We continue our celebration on the Cala Jondal just a beautiful world to the south of Ibiza. Where the atmosphere is perfect and the cocktails are excellent. Cala d'Hort offers impressive views of the mystical island of Es Vedra.

Also going under the wings of Cala Conta and Bleeds Islands and the Isle of Esparto, you will be immersed in a postcard, which itself offers endless photo opportunities.

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