Asking to see more about how Samboat works ?

For an unforgettable crossing on the islands Porquerolles, Samboat, specialist in boat rental, offers its best services. With family, friends, couples or even solo, our porquerolles boats are at your disposal for all types of services. You can see more informations on their official website

Who is Samboat?

Samboat is the first platform for private hire of boats with multi-risk insurance. Based on the observation that a boat does not go out more than 15 days a year while it costs excessively expensive (maintenance, place in the port), the site allows the owners to amortize their costs and make their boat profitable in complete safety. Tenants can rent a boat cheaply anywhere in France. Real trusted third party, SamBoat allows to connect landlords and tenants in a friendly and secure way. In addition, Samboat has several types of boats such as: sailboat, catamaran, yacht or barges. Boats of all kinds to offer you an unforgettable sea experience.

Easy sailboat rental

Sailboat rental is facilitated by this platform that connects vacationers and owners. On the site, you can sort the sailboat to suit your needs and especially your budget. You can easily select by boat size, number of cab, model and brand, daily price, as well as other options to optimize your boat trips. Hundreds of ads are available in France, but also in Europe and Europe. in other countries of the world, facilitating your access to sailboats for rent. Whether for a day or real cruises, there are always boats corresponding to your expectations. For a personalized service, a professional team is active to pamper you or you customize the boat according to your request.

To conclude, all types of boats from Samboat are available for family cruises, outings with friends or with friends. Professional or private, Samboat is committed to satisfying you at best when renting your boat.

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