The perfect Bahamas vacation

Take the ferry or one of the classic mailing boats that leave Nassau regularly from Potter's Cay below the Paradise Island Bridge if you are adventurous and have time to spare. While fast, modern, air-conditioned boats now make some trips bahamas yacht charter, slow, old-fashioned craft still serves some distant destinations. In particular if you decide to go on the mail boat route, you can even find your way on the deck through piles of wood and cargo crates; on these woolly mail boats you can expect to spend five to twelve or more hours slowly between island outposts.

This is an unpredictable occasional measure in Bahamian time, and bad weather can throw away the schedules. In general, mail boats cannot be booked in advance and services are limited.

The best place to be for holidays

Bahamas Ferries has most (and comfort) island-hopping facilities in Bahamas, with air-conditioned boats offering cabin attendants food and drink. Time schedules change very often; if you intend to take a flight back to an island, test and double-check departure time and build in additional time in the event that the time is wrong or that the ship will not go on inexplicably. The most popular Nassau tourist destinations like Spain's Wells, Governor's Harbor, Harbor Island, Abaco, Exuma and Andros are served by ferries. The ferry, running from Nassau to Spanish Ports, Governor's Harbor to Harbor Island, costs $81 one way, and takes approximately two hours each way.

Local ferries transport islanders and visitors to smaller cays from the main island to the outer Islands. In general, these ferry companies travel several round trips a day and maintain a more timely schedule than the ferry. It's a fast ferring service that enables a day trip while Bahamas Paradise cruise line is sailed from the harbor of Palm Beach in Riviera Beach, and more like a small cruise ship, although hotel packages may include transferring to the Grand Bahamas. Balearia Bahamas Experts sail to Fort Lauderdale 's Port of Everglades (Terminal I).

What can you discover at Les Mimosas campsite?

What motivates your camping choices?On what basis do you define your camping places? What are your expectations for going to a campsite? The choice is based on the adequacy between our needs and our expectations. The same is true for the choice of a campsite. Come for your next camping programs in France in Hérault at camping les mimosas. First go to this site to find out everything about this campsite. It is the place of happiness, of pleasure where nature is revealed to you through all its [...]

Seeing Ibiza and the islands of Balearic by boat

You can have a beautiful private beach in 5-hours cruise, stopping at Cala Conta and Cala Bassa, two islands ideal for divers.Enjoy the beauty of Ibiza islandsYou can hire with a long swimming base in a secluded bay with free surfboards to paddle and diving equipment snorkeling and enjoy complimentary fruit, snacks and a welcome drink on board. Start your cruise from the port of San Antonio before heading to the stunning beauty of the beautiful coast of Ibiza. Paddle around the open water, (boat rental ibiza) [...]

Rent a boat in Croatia with Samboat

In addition to the massive number of boats and harbours we provide throughout the Adriatic, we've prepared an inventory of very useful tips. We hope you'll enjoy a more enjoyable holiday, avoiding any unexpected problems. Hence, rent a boat croatia.Why you have to chooses a crew with Samboat?Some will seek contact with nature and loneliness to flee lifestyle, while others see within the cruise an honest thanks to practice as many activities because the Adriatic offer, then will more [...]

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