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Rent a boat and go windsurfing in Barcelona

Barcelona is a charming Mediterranean town perfectly located between the hills and the ocean. This town was at the core of several global activities such as the 1992 Olympic Games and the 2004 Universal Culture Forum. These events merely verify the importance and position of a major cultural, economic, tourist and commercial center. Barcelona's distinctive element is that it is based on its history, but it also includes elements of a truly contemporary town.

Enjoying with friends and family

In the waters there's as much to discover as in the inner city. Benefit from the beach, countless museums, and plenty of restaurants and tapas bars throughout the day. Stop in Las Ramblas ' historic neighborhood and enjoy with family and friends some of the delightful culinary delights. A party atmosphere is immediately felt when the night comes. In the core of the town, bars, discotheques, concerts come to life.

A better place for discovery

There are beautiful coves near Barcelona, ideal for discovering by sea. Rent a ship and do a good job of exploring the region. If you don't have the experience of sailing, you can lease a ship with a skipper to take full advantage of the sights or sail along Barcelona's shoreline without a skipper.

Weather and Navigation Conditions

As you already know the Mediterranean climate of Barcelona is one of its treasures. Temperatures in summer are a nice warm heat, but not too hot, and the weather is mild in the winter with an annual average of 16 degrees. Under any conditions, port entry is available. The prevailing winds are Tramontana and Mistral in summer S and NE and in winter. Hence, rent a boat barcelona will be favorable for anyone. Barcelona has 5km of beach divided into different beaches. Barcelona is the most well-known amongst them as it is located in the heart of the old city, where most visitors concentrate for its cuisine and pedestrian areas. Barceloneta is also a great place to skateboard, roller skate or bike with its long stretch of path behind the beach, great atmosphere and views.


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